Looking for some help on three issues...
Headlight - low beam just stopped working. High beam flash works, but will not lock on. Changed bulb and same issue.

Turn Signals - will not cancel using the right cancel switch...have to press both L & R switches at same time. Issue comes and goes. Have not taken the switch all the way apart, but have used contact cleaner...no help.

Front brake light switch - will not turn brake light on when squeezing the lever. Foot switch works. Pulled the microswitch, not broken or bare wires and I can hear the switch opening and closing.

Got a gentleman's "C" in EE 34 years ago, so the wiring diagram in my Clymer's manual is just enough to get me in trouble. Do all of these share a common ground wire? Have seen some posts about wire ties cutting wires over time. Any leads on troubleshooting and fixing greatly appreciated!