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Thread: What to buy? '05 K1200LT

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    What to buy? '05 K1200LT

    I just picked up a 05LT quite the step from my 93 K1100LT NICE! It has stereo, single cd player, and Navigator 2. I want to have wireless intercom, for my lovely wife and I, with Sirius radio and gps I have been thinking Scala Q 3 and a garmin 665. If someone has experience with this set up I'd really appreciate some feed back, Thanks
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    Look at the Sena units

    These work great and have amazing customer support. Rider to passenger Bluetooth communication, integrates with any Bluetooth device like an iPhone or Android.

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    Hi 138941 (name?)

    Welcome to the forums. Please review: - I've added that info to your thread title. Generally - the better your thread title is, the better chance of having someone with something useful to add open it. Ask better questions to get better answers..

    A Scala setup with the Zumo 665 should give you what you want.
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