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Thread: Helmets are being questioned??

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    Quote Originally Posted by kantuckid View Post
    I personally see zero difference between the law telling me to wear a seatbelt (which I often did before there was a law) in my car or in aircraft, than a helmet required law(which I also wore years ago) as to personal freedom.

    I have to agree. I don't see a difference between helmet and seat belt laws as to personal freedoms. I don't like either one of them.

    You know, it's funny, I hate the idea of the state telling me to wear a seatbelt when driving and a helmet when riding. Yet, it does not bother me to wear a vest if I go on base. I wonder why the difference. I really am surprised that the requirement to wear a safety vest has not been adopted in at least a couple states.
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    We have a seatbelt law and no helmet law. Abate does a good job in our legislature.
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    I just read the wiki on seatbelt laws in USA & while all states have a law they vary quite a lot with the main difference being either primary or secondary enforcement, other than fine amounts. What's even more interesting is the way in which damages are treated , dependent on if the person involved was wearing one. Transfer that same thought over to helmets & I wonder what various state laws have to say about helmet use in an accident? Also wonder if the two functions (helmet use vs. seat belts) are congruent in the respective states?
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