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Thread: New member - northern Delaware

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    New member - northern Delaware

    Hi, all. I just bought my first BMW, a 2012 RT,and am so happy! I love this bike! It loves to run, and it loves to lean. I find it more even more comfortable than my previous bike although the stock seat has to go.

    I had a CB350 in the early 70's, sold it and life happened, then my son bought a bike and took my wife for a ride. She loved it and was always up for a ride, then after a couple of planned rides fell through she turned to me at dinner and said "you should get a bike so you can take me riding". OK, twist my arm... So we looked around and she fell in love with a Goldwing. That was way too much for a short (5'6") guy 35 years from his last bike. So after I took the MSF course, we ended up with a Kawasaki Vulcan 900 which I felt was the most I could handle as a returning rider. After a year or so, and a short trip where it was clear that the ergos couldn't be made to work for me, I decided it was time to go for a wing. She only got to ride it 3 times before lung cancer got her, but I kept it for 2 years because it was so versatile and comfortable. I rode it year round, mostly commuting and taking the long way home. After 37,000 miles I finally got tired of horsing it around and bought the bike I'd wanted since before I got the wing - the RT.

    I'm glad I didn't wait for the waterhead RT to be available because I'd have missed out on months worth of good riding on my new (to me) bike - as well as any teething troubles it'll have. My closest dealer is over an hour away so I plan to do most of my own routine maintenance.

    Looking forward to sharing and learning more about my bike on these forums.


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    Welcome aboard

    Im sure you will find the rt to a great new friend. If you are open to more new friends and several other rt guys ( I'm a k brick guy myself) check out he Mid Atlantic Riders. We meet the second Saturday of month at various locations. Several members of the group spent this past weekend down in Asheville at the RA rally. Contact Teresa at for details.

    Wilmington, de

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    Welcome to the club! 88,000+ on my latest RT and I still love it!

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    Welcome to the fold, wbrownell9 and tedkyra, glad to have you. Oh, and great choice of machines. The RT is the finest I have owned.

    When you get a moment, please share a pic of your bikes.


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