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Thread: Back again with upgraded bike - Central BC Canada

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    Back again with upgraded bike - Central BC Canada

    After two summers without a ride, I was going stir-crazy, so I had to find a ride for this summer. I purchased an '06 K1200S Bumble Bee. I couldn't be happier. It is an amazing ride. The power is exhilerating and it corners on rails. My last ride was an '07 K1200GT, so I consider this bike an upgrade in terms of performance but at the sacrifice of less wind/weather protection. Rainstorms are now more of a challenge and I do miss the cruise control and heated seat.
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    Nice go-fast machine! I could sure use some of that cool air down here in Texas! Must be the picture angle or something but that rear wheel looks like it's not round...maybe you're really been hitting the road hard!
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    Great looking bike.
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