I'm in the middle of replacing the timing chain on my 81 G/S. Had some fun today with dis-assembly but everything eventually came off OK. Oil and lots of dirt and sand in the alternator but very little wear on the tensioner and the chain seemed actually not too bad so I am surprised at how noisy it was with no obvious culprits. We'll see what happens when I get it back together.

Any tips on removing the old gasket material and corrosion spots from the engine face? I don't want to start scraping and solvent is not doing the trick.

Another question is the new gasket for the timing chain cover. Can't recall which side goes where. Printed side on the engine side or other way round? I seem to recall the valve cover gaskets go on a specific way and no gasket glue. This one is the same type of material.

Any other re-assembly tips welcome. I have the Haynes, Clymer and factory manuals none of which contain the details I am looking for.