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Thread: Tool Kit Storage on F 650 GS

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    Tool Kit Storage on F 650 GS

    I recently traded my 2003 GS1200 for a 2009 650 GS and have found there is zero room, under
    my Corbin saddle, for anything, let alone a set of tools. I do not have a BMW top case and use a Touratech Jetpack for travel etc. Not much room in this for a tool kit either.
    My question is......... short of buying a Fox Creek tool bag, and pasting it onto the handlebars, are there
    some storage possibilities or locations on my ride that I have overlooked?
    Thank you , in advance, for your suggestions.
    Ride on.


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    I use two means of tool storage...
    1) Small tool bag in the side case
    2) a tool tube (mine is actually a tractor manual tube from Agri-Supply) that is affixed to the frame between the bike and the side case. This is large enough for some tools; I have been known to carry a bottle of wine in it. Also fits a can of chain lube and rags depending on your priorities.
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    If you have a good skid plate to mount to, this MOD tool box is pretty good. I've got one on my F800GS mounted to the MOD skid plate.

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