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Thread: My K1100RS Tried to Kill Me (ABS?)

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    Thanks again, and we are entirely in agreement.

    You make 3 excellent observations. First, since I am a poor wrench, I still experience surprise and chagrin when mechanical components fail in unpredictable and odd ways. If I am to become a minimally competent wrench (all I can realistically hope for), I must overcome this notion that stuff will function the way I expect it too.

    Second, I AM freaked out, and it's because I long ago accepted many risks like driver stupidity, Bambi, blow-outs and substances on the road. Once again, my faulty sense of logic and rationality convincedme I had them pretty well catalogued, and would simply have to face them. Nope,......thre's no logic here - when your numbers up it's up.

    Third, my trusty old Kbike can be as obedient as my precious airheads,.......I just need to sack the ABS. If I decide to have it put back on the road, that is exactly what should happen. As you rightly observe, even without ABS, the brakes are WAY better than the disc and drums I tolerate on the old twins,.....and better than what Honda put on my eager little '95 VFR.

    Once again, appreciation for taking the time to help me analyze these issues.


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