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Thread: How do you ride a K75S?

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    How do you ride a K75S?

    I have another silly question. I have always ridden boxers. I just purchased a 1994 K75S and I think I may be babying it a little to much. Should I be winding it out a bit more through the gears? More like 5000 rpm before shifting? Also it seems slow off the line. I guess that's the way they are? Until you get them up to speed? It's all new to me any suggestions would be appreacited. Thanks sincerely.

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    There is a noticeable power increase at 5200 rpm. If I am in a hurry, I shift at 6-7000 rpm.

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    How to ride K75s

    Ride it like you want.
    These are only my opinions.
    I used one for a decade to see if I liked it. I kept it for another decade because I did like it. I'm starting on the third decade now.
    "S" models are really just Standard K75's w/ sport suspension and a sport fairing, plus short bars (that I like).
    K75's are really just like "two wheeled touring cars". Smooth seems to work best. You can hustle a touring car but it is still a touring car.
    To me, most constant throttle below 4,000 rpm is lugging and interstate likes 5,000 to 5,500 rpm where it seems to be in equilibrium between pushing as well as pulling.
    These engines are really sweet. These models are one nice unit (bike and engine). If you keep it long enough, it will morph into two units (bike and engine) and one day you will be taking your engine for a ride on your bike. Charlie

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    Match the revs and preload the shifter. That applies , for me, for all gears except going up from 1st to 2nd - for that my bike likes a little descending tach starting at 3500rpm to make it smoother.
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    Have you resolved the surging problem yet?

    Where in California do you live?


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    K75's are really flexible engines. Happy loafing around at 3-4000 rpm and they really liven up above 5000. Ride it as your mood suites you, you can't break it!
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