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Thread: 2004 k1200gt rear rack capacity

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    2004 k1200gt rear rack capacity

    Does anyone know what the load capacity for the stock rear luggage rack is?
    I'm considering adding a top case but I don't want to just add/adapt a case that is too much weight for the rack. I know the givi monokey units have model specfic mounting hardware but I was hoping to keep it simpler since I will most likely only use the case 2-3 times a year.

    Thanks for your help/advice.


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    There should be a weight rating in the owners manual, mines at home. When I added a fuel cell on the back I went with the GIVI rack because it was rated ~ 25 pounds.
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    I mounted the 54 litre Givi several years ago and as far as I can see,no troubles. I remove the box and check the mount bolts every so often.
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    My manual is at home, too, but I recall a 25 lb limit for the rack as well as each side case. That's a lot of clothes, densely packed. I remember weighing one of my side cases before a trip. I was sure it would be over, but nope. Came in about 23 or 24 lbs and it was stuffed with clothes as well as camping implements.
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    Rear Grid Load

    I have my manual and it says 11 pounds for the tank bag and the tail grid.
    22 pounds for each side bag.
    Page 48 of the Rider's manual
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    Thanks guys

    I bought the bike second hand and it didn't come with the owners manual.

    I bolted a saddleman top case on the stock rear grid. I will keep it to a 15lb combined max and think I will be good. Thanks for your advise.

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    Top Cases

    15 lbs is about the max you want to put on any rack that sticks out over the back end of the bike as it will change the suspension characteristics. If you need to put more weight in it than that, run some kind of tie downs to the rear pegs to bring the weight over the bike as if you had a pillion rider. Otherwise you will definitely see differences in the handling....
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    Quote Originally Posted by TAC302 View Post
    I bought the bike second hand and it didn't come with the owners manual. ....
    You can purchase an Owners Manual if you wish at a dealer. If nothing else try to get the dealer to do a proper investigation of your question so you know where you stand.

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    Try weighing that BMW 49L topcase- its chunky.
    A loaded with clothes topcase weighs over 40 lbs.
    I know folks who mount the Harley chrome luggage rack on top it and the strap stuff to that- another 20 lbs.
    So the back can carry 60 no sweat, quit worrying unless you're planning the world's largest fuel cell.

    The real issue is how you like to ride a bike with weight out back- weight back there screws up handling worse thn any other place (makes it a lot slower in transition, reduces limits and may create aero related issues also)

    For myslef, I draw the line at a loaded topcase- nothing on top of it..And even that's annoying if playing for the day in twisties..

    (Above is based on my 06 wedge GT and the K1200RS I also ride- an 04 may have a bit less capacity out back than an 06)

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