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Thread: 2004 k1200gt rear rack capacity

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    2004 k1200gt rear rack capacity

    Does anyone know what the load capacity for the stock rear luggage rack is?
    I'm considering adding a top case but I don't want to just add/adapt a case that is too much weight for the rack. I know the givi monokey units have model specfic mounting hardware but I was hoping to keep it simpler since I will most likely only use the case 2-3 times a year.

    Thanks for your help/advice.


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    There should be a weight rating in the owners manual, mines at home. When I added a fuel cell on the back I went with the GIVI rack because it was rated ~ 25 pounds.
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    I mounted the 54 litre Givi several years ago and as far as I can see,no troubles. I remove the box and check the mount bolts every so often.
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    My manual is at home, too, but I recall a 25 lb limit for the rack as well as each side case. That's a lot of clothes, densely packed. I remember weighing one of my side cases before a trip. I was sure it would be over, but nope. Came in about 23 or 24 lbs and it was stuffed with clothes as well as camping implements.
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    Rear Grid Load

    I have my manual and it says 11 pounds for the tank bag and the tail grid.
    22 pounds for each side bag.
    Page 48 of the Rider's manual
    Bill M
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    Thanks guys

    I bought the bike second hand and it didn't come with the owners manual.

    I bolted a saddleman top case on the stock rear grid. I will keep it to a 15lb combined max and think I will be good. Thanks for your advise.

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