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Thread: Helmet Question

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    I would not by a IS BT Max.... I have the first year model with about 20k miles on it(bought it when I picked up my '98 RT). Here it is in a nutshell:

    Nice flip up design
    I like the internal sun shield and the slider to actuate it.
    Built in speaker pockets in the foam.
    Removable liner to wash it and clean up.

    And now the BAD:
    The helmet developed a internal rattle that will drive you nuts. The first time I heard the rattle when it was under warranty yet. Had the dealer send it in at end of riding season. Got it back rattle free.This lasted about 3 months.Well the rattle is back. You don't hear it all the time,just when the right combo of the inner sun and outer shields are "met". I have tightened every fastener I can find to no avail...

    It has been a good helmet,but I would be buying another one...Maybe a Nolan 104 the next time around.

    Just my 2cents worth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BC1100S View Post
    Never thought of that. But what would I do with the helmet I wear to get there? I don't own any crappy ones I'd just throw away. Shipping it home would be expensive. Perhaps I can negotiate a deal where they'll ship a new helmet to my place. I think I need to start a poll on the options I have.

    I don't know about Canada but shipping a helmet is far from expensive. Keep your hopes up if that is what you want.

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    Shipping stuff into Canada from the US is quite expensive. Turns out "Free Trade" ain't free at all.
    Just to put the screws to taxpayers some more now eBay is charging export fees at time of purchase. This just started recently and is causing quite the uproar. It was bad enough already and now they've jumped on the tax wagon.

    BC11000S you are welcome to grab one of my two expired but serviceable HJC helmets for your ride to Salem and throw it in a trash barrel once you find the helmet of your dreams at the big show. And there will be deals in Salem for sure. One of them even has a fairly new shield. You might need a toque though.

    Nolan had some great sales in Redmond in 2010. I doubt you will see much of a deal on Schuberth units but who knows? They never dropped prices more than $10 to $25 when I was hunting for one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by billy walker View Post
    Well, this is America after all. Don't know if this is valid or not but I do believe Snell is better well known than the Euro-equivelent.
    This part of the discussion reminds me of one son that attended a European technical/engineering university with students from several other European countries. He said that in private conversation it was common for the argument to be that the "Euro way,habit,custom,product,etc." was the right way "to go", particularly the French were adamant in respect to anything French as being the only way to go.
    Seriously many USA companies hire Europeans & vice versa in Europs-what's the point geo wise? The "standard of helmet judgement" is THE point! & as said it's a worn out topic previously hashed in MC mags.
    What is! important here is IMO of owner/users of these various helmets as the MC mag reviews are pure crap thats not very useful other than perhaps the weights,basic features all in one place & that tends to be piecemeal too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by happy wanderer View Post
    Shipping stuff into Canada from the US is quite expensive. Turns out "Free Trade" ain't free at all.
    Not to mention the paperwork you have to fill out just to ship to Canada from the U.S. I had an extra Clymer BMW manual in almost new condition that I "gave" to a gentleman on another board. He had just gotten his first airhead, and was looking for a manual. Karma being what it is, I gave him mine and told him he could have it for whatever shipping costs were. It cost $34 to ship that from Minnesota to Ontario, Kingston, Ontario, no less, which is not that far away. He was totally OK with that price and happily paid me, even though I told him I was a little embarassed by the "free" manual I was providing.

    /sarcasm on
    Just ride down to the rally with a doo rag, buy the helmet once you're there. But maybe since you've experienced the "freedom" you'll decide you won't ever need a helmet again.
    /sarcasm off
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    Quote Originally Posted by braddog View Post
    /sarcasm on
    Just ride down to the rally with a doo rag, buy the helmet once you're there. But maybe since you've experienced the "freedom" you'll decide you won't ever need a helmet again.
    /sarcasm off
    Buddy, you think I haven't already considered that? According to some, wearing a helmet with a DOT designation is akin to doing the same thing so I may as well.

    Happy Wanderer: As always, you are a man among men. I'll let you know. But I gotta tell ya, I'm diggin' this "freedom" thing that Braddog brought up.

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