I saw the F800GT at the International Motorcycle Show in New York in January and was looking forward to trying one in advance of a possible purchase. I was able to attend Americade the beginning of this month and finally got a chance to ride one. I enjoyed the ride except for one thing - it had a LOT of driveline lash at low speeds. I have driven an F800ST before and didn't notice the lash on that model. I know they're both belt-drive and was wondering if the one I rode had a problem or if the jerky action is an inherent issue. The one I rode had only 200 miles on it and may not have been fully broken in but I'm wondering if a belt needs breaking in? Any and all opinions are requested, especially from current F800GT owners. I really like this bike and would love to purchase one but this one issue seems to be a deal breaker.

Thanks, George