Has anyone encountered a similar problem?
I have an 2011 G650GS and on the way to Laconia I got stuck in traffic for ever, so after awhile I pressed the kill switch when sitting but sometimes left the key on for a short time, then started the bike to move forward. This worked fine for a while until it didn't. The electronics cut out and all I could get was a display "ING OFF". I disconnected the neg battery terminal and the bike way happy after that. A long 3 hour drive home in the dark was fine also, no problems. However the next day on another 3 hour ride after about 2 hours in I stopped for gas and while back on the highway all the electronics cut out. No lights, no LED display and no engine. After another negative battery terminal disconnect the bike worked for a few miles then died again. Same procedure but this time I left the cover off the battery so I would not have to remove 10 screws and it was fine for the rest of the ride. When I got to my designation I put the cover back on and 6 hours later could not keep the bike running in the driveway. Cover off and left off, negative terminal disconnected and uneventful 3 hour ride home at night. What the heck is it?