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Thread: Eight Minute Ride Report - Bear Creek Canyon

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    Eight Minute Ride Report - Bear Creek Canyon

    If you have broadband, a video of a lunch ride journey up Bear Creek Canyon, Colorado from Morrison to Evergreen.

    Bear Creek Canyon Lunch Ride - Streaming Video

    Two images from the ride...

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    Man am I glad I have high speed internet.

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    Nice work!

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    Thanks for posting that. It was one of my favorite rides when I lived in Denver. That and Buffulo Creek to Woodland Park.
    As I was watchng it, I realized I've ridden every one of my bikes save my F650 on that road. One of my first trips up, on my R60/5 one beautiful Sunday morning before I had a call at Red Rock Ampitheater, I came a hare's breath away from scraping my helmet on the rock outcropping on the second or third right-hander.
    Memories. Thanks, this one's gonna be a keeper. And if I can figure out how to do it, my screensaver.

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    Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks for posting that. It was one of my favorite rides when I lived in Denver. That and Buffulo Creek to Woodland Park.
    Ahh yes, I'm about ten minutes from the Buffalo Creek, Deckers, Woodland Park Rd. Probably my favorite local road, if not Colorado road.

    And it is nice to see a road one had been down before eh? Bear Creek Canyon is a favorite of many cruising riders, with Morrison and its taverns nearby. The curves, some slightly decreasing radius, and close rock walls, have caught more than a few unprepared (or under the influence)... thus the motorcycle warning sign.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Knight
    When you came upon the United delivery van, I figured you'd be stuck behind it for a while. Boy, was I wrong...!

    Great video. ( As usual)

    Mike... if I was going to be behind the rolling road block awhile, I'd probably edit that out of the vid ! No George Winston accompaniment this time. BTW, really enjoyed your recent ride report, and meeting Guy LaFleur (sp?). Cool.

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