We have 3 Kenwood TK 3101 (obsolete, no longer made) radios we use with the Autocoms. Good radios. There is a really cumbersome way to program privacy sub-channels onto the regular channels (I could suffer through that) using the radios directly, but I understand that PC software does it a lot easier. Also...

Channels 1-7 are FRS and are (supposedly) factory-set to transmit at 0.5 watts (FRS max), while channels 8-15 are GMRS and can transmit at 2 watts. We've experimented, and our range on channel 3 is about 0.7 miles, and our range on channel 15 (GMRS) is the same, so it seems that our radios seem to be programmed to transmit at 0.5 watts regardless of FRS or GMRS. I've heard that the software can change that.

The software only runs in DOS, not windows, and requires a serial cable to the Kenwood (not UBS). I see I can get a serial cable on Ebay, and the software seems to be available, but I don't think I have any PCs that can run DOS. Maybe my old PC with Windows XP can run a DOS program under 'RUN,' dunno. My local geeks could probably figure out how to run something on DOS.

Another factor: I an going to use battery-eliminators instead of the TK 3101 battery, use bike power, either through the Autocom, if I can figure out the wiring (real, REAL PITA!) or add an extra 12v bike power plug to run the battery eliminators. I have heard various advice that he Kenwoods cut transmit power from 2 watts to 1 watt when battery eliminators are use, and also that they WILL transmit at the full 2 watts with the battery eliminator. The software is supposed to offer selections to do this, dunno.

Does anyone know of a knowledgeable Kenwood tech with the software and brains to set our radios up to have privacy sub-channels and transmit at 2 watts on the GMRS channels 8-15? Willing to pay a service fee.

Any other advice?