A couple of weeks ago I was on a road trip with a couple of friends. For some reason my tires wore out faster than anticipated. I made a ride-in appointment with BMW Motorcycles of Western Oregon. They had the tires I needed and had me back on the road quickly. The entire staff was professional and friendly.

Unfortunately (For me and in no way because of BMW Motorcycles of Western Oregon), I had an unrelated mechanical failure not 5 miles from the shop. BMW Motorcycles of Western Oregon was re-contacted and had a tow (And a motorcycle specific tow too!) sent to me within 30 mins. When I got back to the shop, the service manager and two technicians were waiting for me at the service bay entrance. After paying for the tow, they checked the bike more closely. Although there was no sideways play in the rear wheel, it was determined that the grooved ball crown bearing in the final drive had finally worn out and had to be replaced. The senior mechanic cleared his schedule, made the necessary repairs and had me back on the road (again) by late afternoon.

This is my 3rd visit to BMW Motorcycles of Western Oregon. Once last year when a friend needed a tire and twice for me this year. Every time the staff has been friendly and professional. I only wish the shop was closer to me, so I could stop by more often. If you're in the neighborhood of BMW Motorcycles of Western Oregon, I would strongly encourage you to stop by and visit.