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Thread: snow flake rear & Bridgestone Spitfire

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    snow flake rear & Bridgestone Spitfire

    Have mounted a few of these and each time quite a challenge to set bead. Last tire mounted had an undetermined air pressure (greater than 50 Lb gauge at any rate) and after quite a bit of vigorous bouncing and generous use of tire lube (official tire lube) bead finally popped. Concerned about the amount of air pressure used. Any suggestions?

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    Michelin & Snowflake rear wheel

    I have tried lots of soapy water, etc. and have actually gone through 2 brand new tubes to no avail. I put original tube back in and still on seating.

    Even a dealer tried - no seating!

    I am going today, to try to take off the tire completely and really work on the inside of the wheel to clean it up and make it slipperier - with a tube the "seat" isn't that important except to make sure the tire will not "spin" on the wheel when completely installed.

    I have done many tires - over the years and never had this problem. On tubeless, which tend to be tight, higher air pressure will most always seat.

    On these (tubeless but using a tube because rim requires it) one can't use unbridled pressure to seat - two tubes later, and I found that out!

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