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I, still would like to have BOTH wheels mounted with Pilot Activs. the front went on like a piece of cake! There rear refused. I Have the Snowflakes. I ended up using the "Vintage" Dunlop of the correct size and I really like it, but suspect it will wear earlier than I would like. However, I heard someone who said that he got lots of miles on his Dunlop of the same type and size.

I am going to purchase the Michelin the next time I need one, from a dealer and let them install it and have the headaches.
Follow the directions in the following article, section k through p:
I too have had fun and games with the Michelin Pilot Activ. If you follow my advice in k through p, it should go on fairly easily.
BTW...using anything over around 60 or 70 psi is VERY VERY dangerous. The tire can explode;........but the RIM CAN TOO.
Having aluminum shrapnel flying around is not a great idea. THINK about what that 100PSI really meant.