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    Fairing Modification

    I live in Texas (HOT!) and am considering removing the bottom fairing pieces on my '93 R100RT. These are the pieces which
    surround the cylinder heads. The upper part of the fairing has "pockets" in it on both sides and I think it should be stiff enough
    to where I don't have to worry about cracking. Removing the right and left lowers should improve air flow on the cylinders as
    well as my legs & feet! Anybody know of any reason to not try this?

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    I have seen lots of BMWs like that.

    There is no ill effect.
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    I did that on my RS and it helps quite a bit here in AZ. You still get plenty of heat off the cyls but it's not as concentrated as with the lowers on. It only takes about a half hour and it's easy to put them back on when it cools off again (around Thanksgiving ). I believe the lowers are the same on the RS & RT. Then again, I don't ride much when it gets over 100F.
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    I've done it on my rs

    The question, " Anybody know of any reason to not try this? "

    There is no reason not to try it. Structurally, there is no problem with doing it. I've tried it both ways over the years and really find no difference either way; it's still hot. I usually ride with my feet on the back pegs when it gets really hot; that seems to help some. Try it; you might like it. If you really want to get away from the engine heat, get a scooter; I got one.

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    I've got my '79 fairing parts all off right now and I just got them back from the paint shop and since it's June in South Texas I'm thinking of leaving the lowers off as well.
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    Thumbs up Bye, Bye lowers?


    Thanks for the responses guys.

    They kinda' make me feel safer about removing the lowers.

    Think I'll take them off next week and see how things go.

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