When I travel on the bike I take only 1 item of footware other than my boots (which vary by season).

Attributes that matter to me are size, weight, comfort, durability. I don't need rugged hiking boots to protect my feet, just "walk around", all purpose footware.

My favorite (mens, don't know if there is a women's version) is the Patagonia Cardon (color "vanilla'). Crushable, comfortable, durable. My first pair lasted 4 years of almost daily use, they're still made. Not cheap at $140 but better quality than other similar I've seen. Used to be sold by REI, no longer. I order direct, just bought 2 pair as discontinutation insurance, though they've been in steady production for at least the past five years. More comfortable than any boat shoe, which is what I used to use..

Your choice??