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    Travel Shoes

    When I travel on the bike I take only 1 item of footware other than my boots (which vary by season).

    Attributes that matter to me are size, weight, comfort, durability. I don't need rugged hiking boots to protect my feet, just "walk around", all purpose footware.

    My favorite (mens, don't know if there is a women's version) is the Patagonia Cardon (color "vanilla'). Crushable, comfortable, durable. My first pair lasted 4 years of almost daily use, they're still made. Not cheap at $140 but better quality than other similar I've seen. Used to be sold by REI, no longer. I order direct, just bought 2 pair as discontinutation insurance, though they've been in steady production for at least the past five years. More comfortable than any boat shoe, which is what I used to use..

    Your choice??

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    I pack similarly. Usually, pair #2 is an old pair of Merrell tennis shoes, light and comfy. Once, living from the saddlebag liners in Europe for two months, when space was really at a premium, I had bike boots and a pair of Tevas.

    On other non-bike trips carrying a daypack, I've worn slipons from Lands End, very similar to the Cardons you use, and carried flipflops.
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    Wide feet here, so I pack a pair of Merrell sneakers (Mondo Version) and some sandals that double as shower shoes and mosey around the campsite footwear.
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    along the wisconsin river here in central wisconsin
    Croc's ,light and comfy.Good for showering and walking lots,Water proof.

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    For the past eight years the only consistent take along footwear is a pair of Nike sandals that won't wear out. They work for the shower and walking around the campsite. The purpose of my trip dictates which boots I ride in and if I take additional shoes for sailing or__?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sibud View Post
    Yeah Bud!

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    Chuck Taylor Converse All Star's (high tops) - work like a charm!

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    New Balance running shoes (AKA "trainers") Light, comfy and NB makes shoes in widths. They even have a few models that are wide in the toe box and narrow in the heel, just for me!

    The only packing problem with running shoes is the stiff heel counters that don't flatten out, but stuff your spare socks or skivvies inside the shoes so the space doesn't go to waste.


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