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Thread: Tourmaster as rain gear

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    Tourmaster as rain gear

    I have a Tourmaster Transition 2 jacket and Venture pants. Used them for a year or so but have never been caught in the rain. Any one have any experience with this gear in the rain? Salem is comming up and I'm thinking of leaving the rain gear behind to save some space.
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    I have the Jett jacket and Venture pants and they are not good in the rain (it will soak through). I have a Tourmaster Sentinel rain suit that I have used for six years and it works great in the rain. I also have a new BMW ProRain 3 one piece suit that I have never used because once I put it on, I can never get it off without struggling.
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    In my experience, nothing works as well as rain gear at being rain gear. That said, I put about 60K on an Aerostich Roadcraft2 and never carried rain gear. The Aero, and the Olympia AST/Ranger suit I now use, are about 98% rain-proof and I can put up with a very small bit of dampness after riding in a gullywasher. Use the space the rain gear would take for something really useful.

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    I've been wearing TM pants for a decade or more now and they do leak some after a year or two use. BUT, I carry no rain gear, really don't need it. I don't know what the TM brand name uses, but its not Gortex, to make waterproof. I just ordered my first pants from Aerostitch, AD1 pants, ARE Gortex and better built. More dollars, but I want better this time. Riding N.Canada and Alaska puts me in rain and more rain and cold. I want no leaks. Randy

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    I have the Transition 3 and it's a leaker.
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