I've been a part of an unresolved discussion at http://www.motobrick.com/index.php?topic=4439.0


Carl and I have K75RT bikes and after transmission maintenance and reassembly we've both found it impossible to get clutch freeplay using the recommended procedure.

It seems that with new clutch cables installed in the most relaxed configuration (adjustment screw on hand lever in all the way) resulting in a ~90mm cable length at the cable bottom, then the clutch lever #7 is already touching the piston/bearing/pushrod #1,2,3 even without the adjusting screw #10 installed.

If the screw on the hand lever is unscrewed a few turns as recommended so that the exposed cable bottom length at the clutch lever is set to the recommended 75mm then the clutch piston/bearing/pushrod is depressed enough to perhaps slightly disengage the engine from the transmission.

What are we missing?