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Thread: CPAP on the road

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    CPAP on the road

    I'm new to CPAP and need some pointers for M/C travel. Batteries and chargers are cumbersome and $$$ for primitive camping. I hate to be relegated to motels all the time.
    How are my fellow MOA users handling this? Sue

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    Hmmmmm........been using my CPAP for a couple of years now, camping a couple or 4 decades, Airstreaming for maybe 15, and moteling as little as possible for even longer. Anyway, the CPAP device doesnt really draw a lot of amperage at 110V but a 12V to 110V inverter does. One can carry a car battery and that MIGHT get you through the night..............Carry a LONG power cord and run it over to an RV site in the campground and "bum" some power.............But for me, the best thing is just don't worry about the CPAP for the few nights a year you actually are out in the primitive "wilds" without power someplace around. The peace and tranquility that "primitive" locations bring to the soul is even more healthy for you than that fool CPAP device will ever be...........YES, when I can, I am a 100% of the time user of the device; but golly one or two nights is NOT gonna kill you.........God bless.......Dennis

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    I agree with Dennis. I don't take mine for short periods of time.
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    Thanks guys. I'll ask forgiveness from the Pulmonologist and not worry about it. Sue

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    I have a second, smaller machine that I travel with, along with an extension cord. When camping I can usually get power. On occasion the campsite will let me plug in for free when I tell them I have a machine.. I do carry a longer extension cord (50ft) for use at larger rallies.
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    I'm curious re: a smaller machine. I have a ResMed S9, which is pretty compact, coupled to a water port. How small are we talking? Sue

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