I'm in the process of installing a Garmin GPS... The unit is mounted , the power cable is run, I'm looking for a small inline four pin ,male & female connector... the connector will be caring three separate fused circuits and a ground ...the bundle is coming from a Fuz Bloc under the seat... I've built a acessory shelf mounted between the mirrors...it will hold a valentine one, cell phone and a Garmin GPS, under the shelf is a 2x3x6 inch box that all of the hard wired connections will be made...removing the shelf and the goodies for safe keeping require a quick disconnect of some kind...it can be a in-line connector or a surface mount connector at one end of the box or back of the box with the other connector connected to the wire bundle coming from the Fuz Bloc...I-m looking for something that isn't too big an clunky but clean, neat and simple.. not being a electronic geru I could use your help...I'm open to any and all suggestions Thanks... trying to complete this project asap I-m leaving for the RA rally wed. If it's not done so be it, keep the ideas coming