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Thread: Got another one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lmo1131 View Post
    Great shots! What camera/lens combination are you using?
    Canon XTi with a standard 18-55 lens. Heck, I think all of these shots have been just set at auto (no flash) with a papertowel between the camera and my grimey hand, not even looking through the view finder.

    But yeah, the picture of the oil strainer catches my eye when I scroll past it.

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    Nice!I just finished a 1995 R100RT restore,it is very pretty and rideable. Even though it was painful and expensive I am thinking I need a next project .I don't even know why I bought the 95 except that,there it was,on the side of the road.
    Sometimes,nothing is a real cool hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgr451 View Post
    I don't even know why I bought the 95 except that,there it was,on the side of the road.
    Sometimes they just need to be purchased.

    I picked up some longer oil pan bolts, but the hardware store and Autozone were both sold out of hi-temp thread locker. So, that'll wait. I installed a new oil filter, but the bolt just didn't feel right. I can tighten it to about 17 ft-lb then it feels like it won't tighten any more. Yay. I have to think long and hard about what to do with it. That steel shaft going through the oil filter into the aluminum block gives me nightmares of more stripped threads in the block. That right now is the only concern I have with the bike.

    Today, I took apart the caliper. Bleeder came right off without a problem and piston looks brand new. Life is good.

    Since the carbs were so packed full of dirt, rust, etc, I had to disassemble the heads.

    Previous owners, man. You'd think that someone who owns a fancy BMW would put at least a little effort/time/money into proper repairs and maintenance.

    Right side. Cylinder felt nice, no ridges. Some light rust that wiped away easily.

    Removing valves.

    I was a bit disappointed to not find hardened valve seats, but oh well.. I'll worry about that in another 50-100k miles. Haha.

    Left side. Again, good clean cylinder.

    The worst valve of the four, the left intake (the bike was on it's side-stand). I think it'll clean up ok, even without my usual valve tools here with me.

    All tucked away until reassembly.

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