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Thread: Help Needed (maybe) in Pittsburgh

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    Help Needed (maybe) in Pittsburgh

    My son will be competing in the 2013 Iron Butt (IB) which starts and has a checkpoint near the intersection of I79 and Hwy 228 at the Pittsburgh Marriott North. I hope all will be well when he arrives, but if he wants something done to the bike I'd like to have a place to do the work with him.

    The really premium deal would be if someone has a workspace with a lift table and is not too far from the motel.

    Local knowledge of auto parts and hardware stores will be a big help.

    He's riding a 1994 BMW R1100RS so sources of BMW specific items may also be handy.

    He and I will arrive on Friday June 28th and tech inspection will be the next day so any work as a result of tech would need to be done on Saturday or Sunday.

    I'll have some tools that will make the jobs easy, but would like to not have to carry a ?? breaker bar, torque wrench and extensions so if those were available that would be nice too.

    If you need more info to decide if you want to participate please ask here, PM or email me. (ccoonsml at

    To read a little about his Iron Butt riding and results to date look at the link below. Note that all the results were achieved with the same bike. It now has 166K miles on the odo.

    If you are interested in what IB machines look like, the hotel parking lot will have lots of them to look at that weekend.
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    The checkpoint is on July 4 at the same hotel. John will arrive between 5 and 8 p.m. and will have to go into scoring soon after. He will leave the hotel on the second leg around 6 a.m. on the July 5, so if there are problems there is the potential for a late night.

    He will install a pre-mounted tire and wheel at the checkpoint, but we can do that in the hotel lot if there are no other issues.
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