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Thread: Alarm on 2015 R1200RT

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    Alarm on 2015 R1200RT

    I have keyless starting and anti-theft alarm, but don't have the same menu prompts as in the manual. Under settings-alarm system there is only one to choice, to turn the sensor off. No auto on/off or tone choices. Otherwise the alarm works right when I enable it with the fob. The correct number of beeps and flashes, and a piercing tone when the bike is disturbed. The dealer tech couldn't find how to change the settings in the diagnostic tool. Has anyone else seen this problem?
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    Noticed this too. Before I enabled my alarm to auto set I had all sorts office menu options for alarm. After I set the alarm to auto set my only option is to disable the sensor once.

    I haven't tried it with the engine running however, but no idea how to otherwise get the menu options back and it disable to alarm.

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