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Thread: ABS flashing lights.

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    ABS flashing lights.

    Hi this is my first time using this forum so im learning as fast as I can.
    My problem is my 2003 R1150RT,flashing ABS lights at first application of brakes. I had this problem last year but would just stop and restart engine and it would go away and then would not reappear for a couple of month. just installed brand battery .Ive been reading about resetting the ABS system and would like to know if I should try that first and some guidance.
    lol I still trying to find the diagnostic plug for this bike.
    Thanks Leo

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    That bike has the iABS servo brakes. They reset everytime the ignition is turned on. There is no other reset as in previous ABS bikes. You need to do some problem determination. Those flashing lights are trying to tell you something. You have to decode the message.

    Gen OFF, ABS ON = Only residual braking in both circuits.
    Gen OFF, ABS flashes at 1Hz = ABS not available. Pull-away test not completed.
    Gen OFF, ABS flashes at 4Hz = Only residual braking function available in both circuits.
    Gen ON, ABS off = rear light/brake light defective.
    Gen ON, ABS flashes at 1 Hz = At least one brake circuit without ABS.
    Gen ON, ABS flashes at 4Hz =At least one brake circuit in residual braking function mode.
    Gen AND ABS flashing alternately at 1Hz = Fluid level in Integral ABS too low. Low-voltage

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    The plug is under the passenger seat (if all is stock); fat dark round plastic cylinder with a cap, hopefully all is held in place by a clip.

    When was the last time you had a FULL system flush...? And do you ever "exercise" the ABS by purposely getting into it, front & rear, getting up to speed and then applying the brakes HARD? You need to know that the servos/etc. will actually work if/when you have a real need.

    Check the warning lights' blink pattern carefully as suggested; also REALLY REALLY VERIFY that both your Tail light and your Brake light are functioning properly, and not "half" lit (bad bulb, worn socket) - the computer has a backup mode where, if one fails, the other assumes partial duty.

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