You have a great Suzuki VStrom! Those things are getting legendary in Suzuki lineup. Great rides. I see them everywhere I go on my GSA. My other is a KLR650'08 and its all farkeled to death for touring. A huge difference to GSA, but still tons of fun to tour on. Just slower. You may consider keeping the VStrom, but if youre GSA hungry, VStroms SELL quick, very quick. The GSA2013 Hexhead does NOT have cruise, THE NEW water cooled one(GS Standard) DOES have cruise, but is not GSA for another year or more. Look into Kaoko CC, if you buy GSA. Its not electric, BUT very handy and easy to use. ANYHOW, I see VStroms, KLRs all over the planet touring FAR from home. Don't be too hard on them smaller CCs. 70mph is fast enough. Randy