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Thread: 08 GS ESA suspension options

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    08 GS ESA suspension options

    As my 08 GS ages i was wondering if there are options to strengthen the springs/ shocks and retain the ESA feature? One guy told me to replace the shocks basically eliminated the ESA? I ride two up / loaded a lot...heavier spring in the back would be a plus...valving is fine.
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    Works Performance does it.

    They will rebuild your shock to your weight/style and retain the ESA mechanism. I've been torn between doing that or just going full aftermarket as that way I don't have to take my bike out of service for however long while they get rebuilt. I don't use ESA too much and probably wouldn't buy it on a new bike. I'd be fine with just a manual preload adjustment so I can firm it up if I'm riding with a pillion or lots of weight.
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    want to watch how to install esa shocks?

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