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Thread: Reno to Salem 2013 - Riders Wanted

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    Cool Reno to Salem 2013 - Riders Wanted

    Guten Morgen!

    We are looking to add riders to our group for the final leg into Salem this year.
    We will be leaving Reno on Wednesday, July 17 arriving in Klamath Falls; going from Klamath Falls into Salem on the 18th.

    If you would like to join riders from Signature Motor Club (the folks who bring you BMW Roadside Assistance) for a great ride, featuring a trip through Crater Lake National Park, please feel free to contact me! The more the merrier!
    (email: david.boyd at

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    maacova maacova's Avatar
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    On to Salem

    Were running one day ahead of you and I was wondering if you are camping and where in Kalmath falls area?
    Also what is your routes to ride from the Falls area through Crater NP? We are leaving South Lake Tahoe Tuesday July 16. Were in Vegas Sunday July 15.
    Ken Denton

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    Schedule Change

    Due to some other conflicts, our schedule and route will be changing. So, we won't be passing each other in the mountains! I think we will end up blasting down a freeway someplace - boring!

    Regarding routes though - I think there is only one route from Klamath Falls through Crater Lake NP. That is to take Hwy 97 to Hwy 62 to the Park Entrance. Unless you plan on taking a GS route!... The Rangers in the Park are great - very accommodating. But I'm not sure how they would receive off-trail riders!

    Ride safe. See you in Salem!

    David B.

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    Camping in Klamath Falls, a KOA exists I have used numerous times there in city. Good grassy sites. Riding off road in Oregon I know too. The Crater Lake area(outside park) is full of off road ops but KNOW you have much soft pumice terrain, requiring GOOD TKCs or the like for traction. I have done it on DS tires but knobs are better. KNOW how to ride in that stuff or expect frequent falls! See ya in Salem. Randy

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    Just saw your home:)

    Virginia is my home state, years past. Leaving Tahoe, DON'T miss the Hwy89N byway all the way to Mt. Shasta, GREAT Scenery and Mt Lassen NP too is in that route to Shasta. You can go around Mt. Shasta if you wish, to the East of it into Lava Beds N. Monument and on to Klamath and Crater Lake. I would not drop into Reno for nothing, from Lake Tahoe with Hwy89N option. IF YA must see Reno, go North from there(US395N) and pick up Hwy70W and link with Hwy89N, another nice ride. In a HURRY, stay on US395N all the way and cut off into Klamath. South Lake Tahoe also has a KOA I have never stayed at, if camping. Some of the State Parks along West shore of Lake Tahoe are NICE for camping too. Fort Bliss SP I have camped. The WEST SHORE ride is the one to see, going north on Hwy89. Randy

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    Thanks for the tips!

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