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Thread: 650 dakar removing rear shock

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    650 dakar removing rear shock

    In the process of removing the rear shock on my Dakar.

    I am going to do the lift the sub-frame method.

    so far so good...however...I have some questions regarding the removal/installation of the shock.

    It says in the shop manual that the upper shock bolt is 58 nm + 45 degrees. I do not have one of those you eyeball that or go and buy a degree thingy?
    They also say to replace the this necessary?

    I have searched the net and only found very brief info...any tips?
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    I have removed mine twice for rebuilding using the lift the sub frame method and while I was doing it did all the swing arm and suspension bearings .
    As for 58nm +45 degrees I just tighten it by feel and experience! and have used the same bolts twice now. I ride a lot of gravel and no problems so far. Just returned from the NWT's and rode 1000kms of gravel, shock and bolt are still there. I also ride loaded with camping gear and all the spares and tools I'll need for a breakdown as the North is pretty islolated.

    I just looked at your profile and see you are interested in watersports........ last Sunday night I was in Fort Simpson and the host I stayed with took a few guys out on the Mckenzie river fishing at 10pm, at 11.30 I noticed he had a knee board under the dash so at midnight with the sun still shining we went knee boarding! Got off the river around 1.30am cooked up some salmon and then went to bed!!

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