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Thread: 94 K75. Screws inserted in the end of the muffler

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    94 K75. Screws inserted in the end of the muffler

    I have been curious about the reason the previous owner put three large-head screws in the end of the muffler on my 94 K75, but I never have asked anyone. It looks like he used whatever he could find (mismatched screws). Does anyone know of a good reason for the insertion of the screws? See photo.
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    The muffler probably used to have one of these on it. http://www.millproprecisionmachining.../BMWK75EXT-200
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    I would go get some nice stainless pan-head Philips sheet metal screws and replace them. Two dry wall screws and a wood screw just don't look right!

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    PO may have been trying to stop a rattle caused by loose muffler internals. Of course I have no idea how this muffler is constructed, but that's a typical fix for that.
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