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Thread: time for new shocks?

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    Without a doubt. On my 94 RS, I spent the most money on that bike to fit it with Wilbers shocks, and it's the best money I ever spent on the bike. I work part time at Nick's BMW in the Green Bay area, and I am the primary demo rider. I get to ride every single new BMW, and I have to say, my 94 RS, with a ton of miles on it, with Wilbers shocks, rides as good and as accurate as the brand new R1200 chassis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pffog View Post
    I can't quite understand why you think OEM shocks that last 30K are junk??? As mentioned Ohlins and other top brands recommend rebuilding at 18-25K miles, so the cheap OEM, actually last as long as the aftermarket. Yes there are people that will service them, but you still have a spring that is wrong, unless you fit the target the engineers set the spring for, lack of adjustability and inferior valving.

    What make the aftermarket worth the $$ is that they are, or can be, set to YOUR riding style, can be correctly sprung for your normal load (solo or 2 up, luggage load etc), have adjustable damping, some BOTH compression and rebound, generally have superior valving and internal components, and CAN be easily serviced!
    I totally agree. My Front Ohlins began leaking oil at 20,000 miles. Sent them in for a rebuild and the ride was appreciably better than before the rebuild. Really good shocks don't last any longer than the OEM ones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by junkjohn View Post
    On my 2008 GSA the rear shock has leaked all over the swing arm at 21,000 miles. Shocks are not covered by warranty. Told they are not rebuildable either. Go figure.

    My '08 R1200GS blew the seals at 37,000. My Service Manager, Kent, at Schlossmann's BMW of Milwaukee, worked with the BMW rep and got me a 70% rebate on the ESA rear shock. Out of warranty by 1,000 miles and 2 years.

    I couldn't be happier with the service at Schlossmann's
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