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Thread: Zumo 550, seeking repair for lost on/off button cover

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    Zumo 550, seeking repair for lost on/off button cover

    The title says it all. The rubber cover for the on/off button fell off yesterday while riding. Looked at the unit and there was a hole where the cover was.
    Garmin will replace the unit for $150, not interested. Need a good old airhead fix.

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    There are e.g.'s of others on this one as the rubber fails from combo of UV & normal use. Forget about getting a 50cent part from anyone to repair it-many have done farmer fixes on it but beware of rain getting through to the innards. Not leaving the outdoor unit outdoors in the sun seems to be for the best,huh? IF!!!!!!!!!!!!! you take the effort to "discuss" the subject in a, shall we say firm manner the girl that answers the phone,she can "get approval" from her supervisor to allow a 1/2 price repair @ $75.I have not found her to be either warm or fuzzy.
    I took them up on this and got what was an obviously new unit that had warranty & new maps installed & was "called" a refurb by Garmin. Good Luck if you try an eraser or some of the other lackluster fixes I've read about here & on ADV.
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    May as well try whatever method of repair you like. Even if it ends up letting water in and the GPS craters, it's the same cost for the refurb unit. Only downside would be having your GPS die as you navigate through the heart of a major unfamiliar city

    Common DIY fixes for this issue are as simple as placing the button piece back in the hole and putting your favourite type of waterproof tape over it, or if the button is lost, fabricating a new button and securing it in place with tape, epoxy, silicone rubber cement or whatever else inspires you.
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