Bike: K1200 LT (2005)

This bike had a Garmin GPS installed at time of purchase and am switching to a 7" wide Magellan so that I can see the screen w/o putting on my glasses.
I intend to hard wire from the battery a fused cigar receptacle to power the Magellan GPS and run the wires under the right fairings so the cigar receptacle will be permanently under the front seat with just the GPS end coming out of the location where the previous GPS wiring was. Does this meet with your approval?
The old GPS wiring where one connector plugged into the left side of the Garmin and another connector that plugged into the right side of the Garmin were taped as I cut off the original plugs and hid the wiring under the left side fairing. Question 2: Was one of those connectors a comm and if so - could I strip them and identify a left and right speaker wire and wire them to a 3.5mm female receptor that I could then plug into my earbuds?
Question 3: I will still need another visible cigar lighter to use as a receptacle for other plug in's from time to time while the GPS is plugged and in use. Should I hard wire that also with a fuse and run it under the fairing and if so where would you recommend I cut the hole for the cigar receptacle to come out. It is approx. 3" long so there needs to be space under the fairing for clearance.
Any thoughts and advice will be appreciated.