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Thread: My 1994 K75S getting that old?

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    My 1994 K75S getting that old?

    Took a ride west on OK Route 66 this past Saturday. Stopped at the Rock Cafe in Stroud for breakfast then headed further west to Warwick.

    Warwick, OK. is a very small dot on the map with a cool 1924 DX Gas Station that is now a Motorcycle Museum.

    I parked out front and went in to take pics and stretch my legs. A group of 10 riders followed in behind me all from Italy.

    When I went back out to the bike there were 2 young men riding brand new Harleys with dealer tags still in place.

    They were standing by my bike giving it a look over. They asked me what year it was. I replied that it was a '94 Brick and they replied, "Sure is in great shape for a bike that old".

    One young gent then went on to tell me that "It should be inside the museum here, amazing that you are still riding it"

    If you don't ride them they will die, I respectfully replied.

    Another great ride on Route 66. Car shows, Parades, a wine tasting festival and lots of riders out for a spin.
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    Your odometer mechanically resets, right?
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    I wasn't quite sure how to take it when a friend and fellow rider referred to my '87 as "vintage."

    "Hey! It was new when I was in high school!"
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    Oddly, people think my Ural is vintage and the K has the historic tags
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    You should have seen the looks and heard the discussions that my 1985 K100RT started when we rode it to North Carolina. "Vintage, Classic, and the ever popular, "You rode that all the way here?!". And that was from fellow BMW riders!
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    Yet, some people look at the early K bike and think they are a new model. Just happened to me last Saturday. Go figure.
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