I love my size 44 Sidi Canyons! They have broken in well and cradle my feet just perfectly. However, they are a bit hot for late spring/summer/early fall use. Lately, I've considered buying a pair of the Sidi Traffic Air boots, but am wondering if their "fit" in the foot area mirrors the Canyons.

The concern stems from my trying the Sidi City boots which I found to be very wide and overly roomy in a size 44. The Cities in a 43 were too short so I found myself in between sizes! Also, I don't have a brick-and-mortar Sidi retailer in my area, so I couldn't try them on before purchasing.

My plan is to order them online, but I'd like to hear any feedback from folks who have tried on (or who own) both the Canyons and the Traffic Airs. How does the fit compare between the two?