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Thread: Autocom Help Needed

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    Autocom Help Needed

    My Autocom (Logic, but they're all the same vis-?-vis 2-way radio) needs healing: The Kenwood 2-way radio lead, the one that plugs into the Aux (i.e. 2-way radio) lead, the gray one that comes out of the Autocom, got caught in a moving part and destroyed the cable and part of the male DIN plug, the one that plugs in to the 2-way radio and into the Autocom Aux lead.

    I bought a new 5-pin male 240 plug, but can't figure out what colors wires get connected to what pin on the make DIN plug.

    Any help out there? Anyone have a schematic, or know the color-to-pin details. I've written to Autocom but only get general answers, no specifics. They want me to pop for a new cable, I suppose.

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    Get in touch with Adam at in NH, or just order the new cable from the website. Autocom does not release schematics.
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