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    nc bmw driver

    Followed me home today

    Brought home a '78 R100/7 as an older sister to my R100RT today.

    Hey, it was cheap - real cheap, but will need some loving care to bring it back to life again, but it is complete.

    A few questions.
    Fuel tank. It has some liquid in it - I'm assuming it used to be gas and it still sloshes. Took the petcocks out and nothing is draining. Ran a bolt up into the tank and didn't improve the situation. It seemed like a good idea to remove the fuel tank cap, which didn't move, so I'm assuming it's got some corrosion. What's the best way to remove the cap without damage, and how do I get the stuff out? I'm already planning on rustproofing the tank once I can get it flushed out.

    Question 2: The points and all associated attachment was removed at some point in the past. Should I just install an electronic ignition, or replace the point system. I'll take a photo later of what is left. If I should go electronic ignition which is a good unit to get?

    Q3: The carbs are off. One is disassembled and in a baggie, the other is together and in a baggie. I was planning on rebuilding them myself (done several SU's, Strombergs and Carters in the past), but the PO of this bike said the carbs should be put on a flow bench to be properly set up. Truth? They don't appear to be too complicated. Where to get the proper rebuild kits?

    Stand by for more...
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