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Thread: Installing RTP oil cooler fan on 1150RT

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    Installing RTP oil cooler fan on 1150RT

    I finally got around to installing the one I had on the shelf. Now I just need to wire it in. Since I don't have the radio I wanted to wire it in to the radio wiring on the left side of the dash. What I need to know is how many amps the fan pulls and whether I'll need to wire in a relay from the manual switch?

    Anyone have any simple, tasteful switches that will keep this from looking like a farm-boy install?

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    No answers yet....So I bought a LED 30 amp switch and will wire it in. I believe the radio wiring, in addition to being wired through a 15 amp fuse, is switched through the ignition. We'll see if the switch and fuse will pull the load. If not, there are always relays. I never understood why bikes had radios...Now I understand. They are there so you can use the wiring for other crazy things.

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    Know nothing about the current draw of the RTP fan but can tell you that most small cooling fans draw about 7A with a range of 4-14 or so..
    If you're on a pre wired 15A circuit you ought to be fine.

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    Not entirely certain, but I thought the radio is fuse #11, which is 4 amps... which would also indicate that the associated wiring (violet color) won't survive the higher current.

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    7.5A fuse is required. .75 metric wire size = 18 awg

    Ufda happens..........

    Need your R11xx Hall sensor rewired? PM me.

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    Awesome...thanks guys. The 1150 will be back together this weekend. My buddy lent me my old K75RT and it's turning me into West Texas barbecue. Gotta get back on the 1150 and cool down.

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    The radio wiring had a 10 amp fuse, and I haven't changed it to a 7.5 amp yet. Also the radio wiring wasn't wired through the ignition switch as I had wanted. But the fan works, doesn't blow fuses yet and it will likely get used in the 100?F heat this summer. Already this summer, while I was riding the K75, traffic was at a crawl for 30 minutes over lunch hour. If I'd been on the R1150, I would have worried about over heating.

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