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Thread: BMW Corporate direct contact info for riders with problems with their bikes

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    BMW Corporate direct contact info for riders with problems with their bikes

    This is the contact information that every member needs to know about. It took me 3 years to get past the 1-800.... customer service polite but powerless employees. The only way I got through to BMW Corporate was by posting on the Motorrad facebook page. I got a call the very next day after I posted.

    This information will save a lot of time and get you inside the New Jersey BMW headquarters. Anthony is a very nice guy with a difficult job. I don't agree with his decisions but he is still a very professional guy to deal with.

    Pass this information on to other members with problems and save it if you need it later on.

    This is the contact information you need to reach BMW Motorrad NA;

    Anthony Cavanaugh is TEAM Leader in charge of pre-litigation and vehicle buy-back. His email is
    Anthony Cavanaugh's direct line is 201-263-8215

    CEO Ludwig Willisch at
    Vice President Hans Blesse at
    When in doubt contact a lemon lawyer, that gets BMW?s attention.
    Let me know if I can be of any additional help

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    Trust me this information will save you countless phone calls and wasted time.

    Please pass this contact information on to other riders that are having final drive failures, fuel strip problems and anything else.

    Defects happen and that is no big deal. It is how corporation handles the defects that tells a lot about the company.

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    Yet another thread on the same subject - and it also is CLOSED. Please keep all commentary, discussion, etc on this subject in the primary thread on the subject, which remains open:
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