Good News: BMW Finally offered a "BUY-BACK" of my 2005 r1200gs
After 7 long years of going back and forth with BMW NA they finally offered a buy-back of my bike because of the ongoing engine output and counterbalance seal failures.

On Tuesday this week Anthony Cavanaugh(TEAM Leader of pre-litigation and vehicle buy-back with BMW NA) said the following:

"your bike is unrepairable and the only solution is to replace the engine which would cost over $9,000 and is more that the bike is worth".

Anthony then gave me the "generous" buy-back offer of $1,241.17 for my 2005 r1200gs with 42,321 miles on it.. I politely declined the offer.

I even offered to purchase a new f700gs from Bloodworth BMW on Tuesday if BMW NA would give me a reasonable trade assist on my bike. I had David Bloodworth talk to Anthony Cavanaugh, but BMW NA would not increase the buy-back offer.

The only way I was ever able to get in touch with BMW Corporate was by posting on the Motorrad Facebook page and by emailing all the top executives including Vice President of Motorrad NA Hans Blesse along with CEO Ludwig Willisch

I would appreciate my fellow forum members sending an email to CEO Ludwig Willisch at along with Anthony Cavanaugh at and Hans Blesse at and commenting on my situation. If I can get 20 plus people to email Anthony, Ludwig and Hans it is possible that they will reconsider their "generous" offer of $1,241.17 for the buy-back of my bike and maybe come up with a reasonable offer.

Thanks for you help.