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Thread: Clearwater lights and mount. Question re:drop bike issue for 2008 R1200RT

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    R1200RT Clearwater under mirror mount. Who has them AND can answer this question?

    I would like to gather some information and opinions from people, before I fork out the money for the lights and this mounting option.

    The under mirror Clearwater mounts for the Krista lights look like, in a static drop, the lights, the mount and the faring would be damaged.

    Tuckerman posted a picture of his bike with this mounting option here...

    I asked the same question of Clearwater, and their response is as follows...


    This mount has been used for many years on thousands of RT's . While I can't say that we have done crash testing, we have not heard of any complaints about damage. I would imagine that in a fall or tip over, the mirrors would not save the bike.

    The above mirror option is a Police only option and it requires the Police light mount kit that comes with the emergency lights. We do not offer that to the civilian customer. These mounts position the lights above the headlights which is not acceptable for civilian use in most states.

    I understand your concerns, I just do not have any data to confirm your assumptions.

    Best regards,

    Glenn " end-quote

    My question is...

    Does anyone have this under mirror mount set-up and dropped their bike at a standstill (you know the reasons for the drop and there are many), and was there any damage to the lights, mount and/or fairing?
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    Drop tested


    I know that this is an old thread, and you've probably already made your decision. I have a 2012 RT with the larger Clearwater lights mounted under the mirrors. In my static drop, the lights were not damaged at all. The rear pannier, however, did not fare so well.

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