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Thread: Rally Lost and Found- Suggestions

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    Rally Lost and Found- Suggestions

    With thousands of people attending a rally, every now and then something goes astray. In order to re-unite lost items with their owner, the Communications Committee (we handle lost and found) have some suggestions.

    If your house receives as many RETURN ADDRESS LABELS as ours, use them. You may want to add your cell phone number to the label. If you use a money clip instead of a wallet, label the clip. We nearly always get cell phones. If we can turn it on, we could call you, but.... However, if you attend the rally with a friend, enter his/her name in your list of contacts as RALLY BUDDY. We can contact you through them.

    Label your keys. Pick up small inexpensive luggage tags for camera cases, key rings, soft luggage, or pet leashes (hear that, Barley?). Are you carrying an extra bike key in a safe place?

    Put a business card with cell phone number in your jacket pocket or camera case. Tape a business card to the outside of each of your hard cases and cover it with sturdy packing tape. Leave the expensive jewelry at home. Look at everything you plan to bring to the rally and ask yourself "If I misplaced this, how would someone get it back to me?" With some things like wallets, credit cards, and passports be extra careful.

    Finally, should you FIND something that appears to have been lost, please bring it to lost and found as promptly as possible. Anxious attendees
    often are looking for their item the moment they realize that it is missing.

    Perhaps seasoned rally attendees have their own suggestions for keeping track of items. If so, kindly share them here. One final thought... at the conclusion of the rally, any items in L&F not claimed are sent back to the MOA headquarters.

    Enjoy the rally!

    Bill Hamilton
    Communications Co-Chair

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    tags on gear

    Great idea on the luggage tags, labels, etc. I'm going to use a label maker to print out some labels for keys, etc...
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    When I install a new SD card in my camera I take a picture of a card with my name, address, cell phone number as pic number one. Have heard several stories of folks getting their lost camera's back that way.
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    I use labels designed to be placed on golf clubs. I include my last name, city, email adress, and mobile phone. The golf labels are designed to be in the weather. Think I got mine at
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