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Thread: Payload of F650GS with Lowered Suspension?

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    Payload of F650GS with Lowered Suspension?

    I'm looking for a lighter bike than the K75S. I love the K and will be keeping it so I'm looking around for a used F650GS twin (2009-2011).

    The choice I need help to make is whether to get one with Lowered Suspension.... or just the Low Seat. I can flat-foot the low suspension which is a treat I have never had in 13 years of riding motorcycles (except trying a friend's old Harley sportster in the '80s) but can get more foot on the ground with the low seat than I can with any of the other bikes I've owned. Because of the light weight of the F650GS that is perfectly sufficient for me.

    My concern is the limited payload with the Lowered Suspension. What does the 'permitted total weight' refer to? The figure for the regular suspension is 436 kg (with lowered suspension 349 kg) Is it the max weight of bike, it's fluids, rider, accessories like bags, and whatever you can stuff into them or strap on to it?

    What does the 'max payload' refer to? Max Payload with regular suspension and with standard equipment is 237 kg (with lowered suspension it's only 150 kg---330lbs!!! )

    By the time I add a set of side bags, me in riding gear, tools and camping gear for a month long trip etc I'm going to be pushing real close to 150kg! I have in the past, in a corner or two, scraped the pegs of the K bike loaded up so being this close to a max payload sounds like a recipe for disaster on the F?

    Without the payload restriction I lean towards the low suspension because I can get a really good seat with lots of padding and still get my feet on the ground BUT if it can't take the weight then it's a no-brainer---I'll have to take the regular suspension & try to find a comfortable aftermarket lowered seat!

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    Yes permitted total weight is the bike, rider, fluids, accessories and gear.

    The payload is rider, accessories and gear.

    The payload capacity is pretty low.................Regards, Rod
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    Will you be doing any offroad riding? A thought is look for a use F800ST , it is lower than a GS to start with . n

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    I have a lowered F650GS.

    The above note give the definition of pay load. I have found the only reason that the pay load of the lowered F650GS is less is that it seems to have the same soft spring rate of the standard (longer) spring...soit takes less weight to get to fully compress the shorter less rated pay load. the bike structurely is the same as the standar f650gs or the f800gs for that matter.

    I'm 220 lbs and with full kit in the Jesse bag I often carry about 75lbs of gear. I found that the rear suspension bottomed too much, evan when fully cranked up.
    The simple fix is a higher rate spring which is offered by several after market people...they will give you the right rate if you tell them you weigh, gear and riding style.

    Or you can go over the i did and get a Wilbers rear shock and correct spring. Alot of least to me, but it makes a huge difference in ride quality..not just bottoming. Take a bit to get it dialed in...but it is worth it.

    The side advantage...your pay load is now equal or better than the standard height bike.

    hope this helps

    ps I love my F650GS, it is a great back roads and dirt road touring bike. I love the ability to flat foot,and not be a parking lot ballerina tip toeing around.

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