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Thread: topcase problem on 2013 GTL

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    topcase problem on 2013 GTL

    While the owner's manual is clear about directions to remove the topcase, and ostensibly it's replacement on the tail rack, I cannot lock the topcase back on the rack after I removed it. It came off just fine but replacing it has been problematic. I have it on the tail rack, the electrical connection is reattached however when I try to turn the round lock on the floor of the topcase, it only goes so far and will not 'lock' in place. (thereby retracting the orange warning tab below the keyhole on the outside of the case).

    Any suggestions on getting to turn into the 'locked' position? Even though I can't get it to lock, the case is on the rack securely and can't be lifted off...

    Thanks in advance!
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    Not sure if this will help. I found the mechanism to be very stiff so I sprayed a dab of lube around the knob. I worked it back and forth for a few minutes and it (the tab) retracted and the case locked in. The more I used it the easy it locked. Now no problem.
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    I had a similar problem the first time or two. On mine it was because the front tabs weren't sliding forward far enough. Just be patient and work it on and each time it gets noticeably easier.

    Good luck!

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