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Thread: Tornado Watch

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    Can you pretty much get a weather radio signal most anywhere, or is it like cell phone coverage? Thinking of picking up one of those small weather band radios.

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    There are 10 NOAA weather frequencies. As you move through an area the strongest signal is the nearest and most relevant for your immediate conditions. All weather radios will receive the same 10 freq.

    I personally like the JM CB because they have the weather band as an option in addition to the intercom, iPod and CB function. Of course I prefer old skool and lower tech options for most things

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    While several others have already mentioned several websites for weather reporting, one I didn't see mentioned was the Jet Stream.

    As the Jet Stream dips down over the plains, there will be cold air behind it with warm arm on the front side. It's along this boundary of where the cold air meets the warm air where the tornado spawning storms are most likely to generate. By checking on where the Jet Stream is on any given day, you can route your course to avoid the area of the frontal boundary.

    As most tornadoes spawn in the central plains, you could also chart a longer route which takes you more directly up north and then west across the northern plains. While the northern plains are not immune to tornadoes, the further north you go , the less likely you are to encounter tornado weather. If you stop for the night in places with Internet access, check the weather before going to bed and again when you get up -- check for the position of the Jet Stream as well as other weather factors.
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    We just got back from a trip that took us through Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri. We had no weather issues at all. The folks we talked to along the way told us that the tornadoes were pretty much done with. Oddly enough, there was a tornado that hit in Oregon about 20 miles from my town while we were gone. Of course Oregon tornadoes are much different (weaklings) compared to mid-west tornadoes.

    As for another web site, we used Weather Underground on our trip, the full web version, not the phone version. Down at the bottom of the page there is a trip planner. You can plug in your start point, start date/time and end point. It then maps your route for you and included weather along the way for the approximate time you should be there. You can use this to get an easy picture of any trouble weather spots on the way. It is pretty accurate.
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    This is a very good post, I like it very much

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    Not just tornadoes. Large thunderstorm systems can create micro burst winds that are as powerful as a tornado, there is also the possibility of hail and lightning. Not a huge issue in a car but on a bike totally different experience.

    As a motorcyclist we have intimate contact with the weather and should be familiar with all the signs of changes. Each rider should take a weather course. Local colleges and storm chaser / watcher groups have little seminars etc all the time. Even though I worked a whole career in a job that depended on me knowing how to read the weather and I took another course this spring. Learn something new every time

    These courses/knowledge allow you to recognize signs, make course diversions and stay safe without the need for a bunch of technology, that will fail to provide, when you need it most.
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